Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steve Dalachinsky


smeared in numbers
3 figures
7 4
combo diablo
devine winner
taken under

elk denote marriage embalmed
serious suicide
an unexpected event brings good news
a happy but solitary life
white swan

2. house

it was
that i thought was never

river takes house b.

big house by sea
somewhere in the
storm comes erosion
i scream (she does very loud )
but calms - relief -

it is not my house my life
06497 - 111 46
that will be washed away

a space off of a space
where i felt

of covered wagons

3. creature dream sans creature

by a lagoon of edges &
/ maplike indulgences
of elements

( land / water / air
empty > mass < flow

treeshaped arrows & buddha-johns
cross(-)circuiting creating typos

4. creature dream minus the dreamer

at 126th Carmeela enters the bodega
asks what her name is
2 men approach her w/a 40 in their hands
speaking dots - she joins them
@#$%&*#@$ como se llama ??????
?????como me llama ????

the mass become empty
the emptiness mass
both become finger prints
))))))))((((((((a language all their own
a pretext for signing
sounding singing speaking writing creating
typos -- me/se llama CARMEELA.

tilling the air (eating dream)

articulate complaints
de party insults
re: leaf

tables alarm edibles
edible muted sleep (others)
exhaust (fumes) open
multitudes din smoking lobby
separate race flounders

desisn <0> 1 (9) 2 other repeating count -
habit various shells squeezed young herbal gloss
hard-of-seeing sour scowl while missed appetite

brook goes strangely adlib unfamiliar
yrarbil - frequent stranger debunked

away print
smharb unique textiles text styles
tiled mosaic against grave seriopus pen
appalling thief transpires rickety
m(other) - appear weak week collection
glared hard furious

uncover = take off
recover = put on

bathe re frain be tray s(tale) late e mit
flush precise stub toward unnatural death
within the parent mill
vile nt e labor ate emit time
immerse weight
scowl sour
scowl sour

curly cropped miden
bathing born astonished
munching feline stew
g(r)aze greys grZE grays

confused lost scuttled
curly cropped denim
immersed weight mined
up hold story
upholstery sheets choice alc dov tis
elom elom articulate and mol(e)ded
peril formed too late u tu late

born astonished.

dalachinsky nyc 10/12-13/04 partial scramble lynne