Saturday, February 04, 2006

prose score

nd" rphyundo (6/!) (8/pp) tic [....] timeexi (3/stacc) ydvreo
(1/high) (1/high) ledort (4/pp) (5/pp) (4/low) (8/low) [....]
(4/stacc) (9/fast) (3/fast) prayer glue. seals in (7/low) (6/high)
(5/low) carat, braided yang (12/fast) two alien (10/stacc) [....]
But (4/high) (7/stacc) [....] (6/stacc) tte idio hhas (2/mp) rn.
(7/low) [....] (6/high) (10/pp) (7/stacc) assembles (2/mp) nalpeop
nblilo ndho lfe, (6/!) front (5/low) (8/=) (4/mp) (3/=) ewithl
opl rredamer [....] (3/fast) (3/+) lakd (7/fast) (5/+) (3/high) [....]
l,ehm (3/high) pedpr [....] (4/low) fore (7/low) (7/mp) rgo (8/mp)
aryno iraq [....] (7/low) [....] asked formless, but known eh pnn
(2/!) (3/stacc) war. it combs lpo (7/!) ersuas (4/fast) juvenile
(7/mp) it (5/stacc) mak (5/low) (7/stacc) hmoa inalkno hapaey
(7/=) (5/!) ndanery [....] blowi (6/low) (5/fast) or (2/high)
(9/low) (4/=) (3/high) (4/+) [....] tool (5/fast) [....] 6-am3
ldd rillamis

-Jim Leftwich & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


1. Events are in parenthesis, in format X/Y where X is number of
sounds in time period and Y is playing method.

2. Tempo is free, fluctuating, each word is between 0.5" to 3".

3. Duration is free.

4. Any numbers of players, start any tacet ([....]) symbol, read
from left to right, from top to bottom, when you reach the last
symbol/word start from beginning.

5. Each word is either read aloud, very quiet, or in mind, in
silence. Do not play during the word.

= play simultaneously with any player
+ louder/accelerating/play after
- softer, dimunuendo, play before
pp,mp,ff dynamics
low/high registers
fast,slow tempi