Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Steve Dalachinsky

de chirico landscapes #2

escaping hours
shattered against infinite waiting
of dumb sentiment.

i am stuffed doll
staring thru your archway
at the shadow of your hairline
against grey-brown ivy platform

flat form
dying against the street
hugging the ground
a steam cloud in
heaving with a gourmand's glance
.......................... waiting to depart.

when i published it a good poet friend who disappeared said changho
knowse this to gourmand
originally i said gourmet's glance
he said you're not a gourmet you're a gourmand
so it got personal over my 1st thai meal

any way great talking with you the other day l sd

don't know where # one is hoops etc trains etc

cecil taylor in absentia < elvin jones tribute @ the blue note

until recently
cecil would play only on a
bo send or fer sob for
tonite one awaited him sub for
re fer
but he was a no/show send for
money /fend er
was whispered bender
an ear
we see that it did not mean a thing
into the air it whispered
but for the drummer we must keep playing

the blues
end for
umlaut <> on slaught ex act i tude re act off
con verse serve multiples
lost swing
here the or lost not surely just freedom speaks
theory terror
bus end or refer to
away boost
good only
while supply lasts.

steve dalachinsky 6/04