Monday, January 30, 2006

Steve Dalachinsky

catchin some lzs (for louis zukofsky )


le urug trimspa
walk impotent memory
glish glish agleam
argar merging within / casino of dreams
alz tied to
he i'm hers
health mix dare i
say dreamsmemory whys winnings
to catch a gulp
of reality score a gultch of back money schooled
i graduated but.............
someone else's scenario
wanker mr.lexicon
no one belongs in the ice too long
teach me how to booby trap
the crocodile
show me how to lobster
the ideal
how to corner the border


spin nose adorned
well we ask the litter
genes writ be A
beginning learned object
trajected columns (c)on text
graduated but youth 16, 23,
19 tense tortured body
student ravenous
immigrant hatchery
skipped area
invincible proletariat

ahecht ahecht a critic coughs > information
trilling trilling trilling like a sterling bird
chambers witness experience
cracked carved leaves
borrowed from a vanquished repute
vanned couch askin askin great tooked
movin chandelier 1/2 lit
a vanquished culture
little magazines pethair (c)loner
hand-dated juvenile stew
fool the young girls don wit
va(r)se (ity) who does?
voce homme
quiet old eyes patient wander
a figure at the edge of the flux &
dropped the books to the floor
& they remain closed tho one he flaps open
shut open shut
with a whhhhhlop a whhhhhhhhlop
type scripted
all is done with
all is done with
son nets sun nets
on a cloudy day where's the denim
where's the rest of the chandelier's
why've we lost the losses?

lift zeal left
where does the bright go
when tented by
the storm?


control the phrase please


is a look that penetrates me
free affordable

" i said i'm sorry - relax - relax"

la pintura devino a donde as she pulls the young
boy's fingers
& laughs

go anywhere memory as you step toward the end

fresh is the better of the whys
tho age tastes the better in the wash.

dalachinsky 9/17/04 nyc irt subway 9 train & columbia university
philosophy hall