Thursday, February 09, 2006

George Brecht

The Game of Definitions

The first player writes, on a slip of paper, "What is _____" and he
completes the sentence. The second player, without seeing what the
other has written, writes "It is _____" and completes his sentence. The
two players then read their sentences in order, making any necessary
grammatical adjustments.

For example (played by Donna Jo Jones and George Brecht)
What is a factory? It is the manner in which George Washington's
men rowed him across the Delaware.
What is well dressed? It is the space between the top of the water
and the bottom of the bridge.
What is an answer? It is five ice-cubes melting.
What is a question? It is a method for drying wet matches between
the toes.
What is whortleberry? It is smoking under water while sexually