Thursday, January 26, 2006

Steve Dalachinsky

By Any Means (Gayle, Ali, Parker)
@ Soto Velez Center set 1 - Vision Club series

this is an historic concert with 2 packed sets @ 1 p.m. & 3 p.m. it is
the first time the band has played together in 10 years. the music is
riveting. Charles on alto and tenor. the group had disbanded for
several reasons after a brief stint as an avante-garde superpower. Yuko
& i pick up Rashied to go to gig . he thinks it's crazy to do a set so
early in the day. for him it's like the middle of the night. after set
1 he proclaimed that it wasn't so bad after all. and it wasn't.

(an epilogue)


backed again red lit
backed up & go
/ stop as
off/on - a red candy kiss
men broke free from pupeteer
children held to..........
black hand / white enameled breath slow drive along back tracks
back tracked uniformly under / to exi(s)t
start flame anew & extinguish
the go-a-head trilling mournful tripp(l)
ing over the(m)self & opening like wing
breaking air ground breaking brakes off a gelling(of) language(s)
them(e) lit trembled atoms of (f)light
g - lor - ious arrows afire crimson/blue alterers

we worship @ nothing more-or-less-than
the.... ladder
pumpin up da occupancy with / in a sea of rolocs

take me back special rider take me back

backed again up-a-go & lit long a headwear o' finest
expansion afusi(o)n(')


to retake the heart by any means
to regain our strength by any means
rewind the clock by any means
remain the song by any means
revamp the cords by any means
reveal the light by any means
reshape the durst by any means

redstrat nostop becool raindown reignover begunaringinof restart the
by any means
hum resonating of assassinated giftgiver
hittin us on our hardhattedheads

to be young & gifted
to be old & gifted
black white yellow red blue pale dark juice & gifted
to rerun the meat by any means
reconstitute our constitution(s) by any means
restate the theme by any means
rework our lives by any means
reward the giftgivers
by taking their gifts (good gifts bad gifts)
to weep & forget.


back here with all our laces tied together
in omni-versual thiiiis niiiissss
'n obliviousness & unflaggiiingniiisssss
flag tatooed to yer wrist
must remember to remember
remind us/selves ta re- member
remain in focus
restrain from fuckus
resist the urge to purge

backed again redlit/ backupped & gostopped
off/on a red candied kiss
men broke free from the puppeteer
ridin the rails toward wanders end.

set 2
god bless the child that's got his own

ajar & all that - for Thomas Chapin steve dalachinsky

we in the piano music
we play this impending dance
the dumb doom
they're putting you thru

movement reversed & inversion of marrow

dear sweet sax o phonist
present in rumi's open heart
the rumors spread
the sad & sorry plaintalk of recovery
the tool called miserable ego
& eager performance
petty anarchism
the powertrip of betrayals

(look at them up there where you should be)

to give you back your bones
your FULL life
to walk peaceful thru the tropics
you so love
topic of conversion & conversation
quickened & running the gauntlet
back backwards
in disjunctive harmony
where music's ears
like headswelling fever mosquitoes

(look at them up there where you should be)

Thomas my thought
with you tonight
in golgotham
CITY of Cities
shitty down pat
we all sitting pretty
with our blurred images
& fading jokes

look at them up there - LOOK AT THEM

this is the vision of Sodomizers & doctors
provisional gov'ts
this is our alternative to paradise
a goodnight kiss
& the curtains slowly closing
the curtains quickly pulled shut -

look at them up there look at 'em.